I Need Men

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I need men – lots of men.  Handsome men.  Guys, are you hot?  Do you look good in the gym while working out?  Do others glance your way, admiring what they see?  Girls, is your boyfriend or husband hot?  Does he still turn your head and make you excited?  Guys, has your boyfriend or husband just got it all going?  If so, I want those men.

But don’t worry – I just need to borrow them for an hour or two. You see, I need men to photograph.  I supply photos of men for use on romance novel book covers.  Have you ever seen those racks of romance novels in the grocery store or the drug store?  Have you seen the long aisles full of romance novels in the book stores?

Romance publishing is the biggest segment of the American book industry today.  Publishers are clamoring for new, fresh faces to appear on their covers. And that’s where you come in.  I want to take photos of guys.  Actually, I’ve been doing this for years already, so all I want to do is add you to pool.

What Do I Do?

I need only 1-2 hours of your time.  You’ll bring a couple of different changes of clothes with you and we’ll then take pictures – lots of pictures.  I’ll talk you through different looks I’m after, different emotions I’d like you to project. But don’t worry.  I’ve been doing this for awhile and I’m very good at getting what we need. If you want to know more, check out my page on a typical photo shoot. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me at Mike at bookcoverphotographer dot com (of course substitute the @ for “at” and a period for “dot” – this is an attempt to keep this email address from being inundated with thousands of spam messages).

I’ve Never Posed Before – I’m Nervous

Of course you are.  While some  guys are total exhibitionists and really get off on the idea of  being in front of the camera, those guys are definitely in the minority. But don’t let your concern stop you.  Whatever your comfort level, whatever your experience level, whatever your nervousness level, I can work with you.

Do I Do This For Free?

Not necessarily.  That’s the good part.  I pay for your time in front of the camera. Before we meet or shoot we agree on a rate of compensation. But I need to tell you that while everyone thinks modeling is a high income job, it isn’t.  And it’s even harder for guys.  It’s just a fact of life that women earn more than men in the modeling world.  I pay at or above the local Washington, DC market average for your time – just don’t expect to get rich modeling.  Everyone I know who had that expectation has been disappointed. For a few more details on compensation, check out my page on model compensation.

But I Don’t Want to Pose Nude

Um, who said anything about posing nude?  Think about it – these are book covers. Nudes are not what we’re after here.  Because these images are published on print and e-book covers, the most risqué image we can use is a guy without a shirt on.  Otherwise, these are proper, clothed photos.

Separate from the book cover business, I do fine art nude male photography. Obviously those are not for book covers. Those images are for gallery exhibition purposes (at least in my dreams). If you are interested, talk with me.  I pay a higher rate for nude models. I have put together a page of sample photos from other nude photo shoots. If you are interested in setting up a shoot and are serious, I’ll share the password to that page so you can see a sampling of a few photos of other nude models.

Okay, I’m Ready, Now What?

Simple.  Now you contact me and we set up a photo shoot. Send me an email at Mike at bookcoverphotographer dot com (of course substitute the @ for “at” and a period for “dot” – this is an attempt to keep this email address from being inundated with thousands of spam messages).

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