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It is quite rare for a model to walk through the door to the studio and turn out to be an absolutely spectacular find. Sadly it is more often true that you get someone who is stiff, cold, unwilling to do what you need them to do, and just generally a waste of your time and money.  But then you sometimes hit the Jackpot.  That was what happened to me when Aleks walked through my door.

Aleksander Dragov and I connected when I responded to an ad he had placed looking for modeling jobs. Never have I found a man who was as animated, so lively, so imaginative, so expressive, not to mention so gorgeous, as Aleks. We worked together four times and those sessions produced some absolutely phenomenal photos.

Aleks wants to be on a book cover and I have shown his photos widely to encourage a book cover artist to use him.  Look at him. Wouldn’t you be attracted to a book that featured him on the cover? Be honest.

Nineteen years old, body by God, animated, expressive, can assume just about any personality you want.  Aleks is a photographer’s dream come true.

Another Day, Another Discovery

Another day and another new discovery about my blogging software.  After trying everything conceivable to make book thumbnails appear as actual thumbnails and not chopped off squares, I think I have finally resolved that issue. Perhaps it would be better if I didn’t stop to calculate how many hours I’ve wrestled with this issue.  Bottom line: its working now!

Photo Shoots

Over the last few months I have been so fortunate to be able to work with some truly amazing models.  In that time I have captured some amazing images that capture an incredible array of emotions.  I guess a true measure of how I’m doing is that I’ve sold several photos for use on book covers.  There is something absolutely awesome about opening a box and seeing a photo you took grace the cover of a beautiful, printed book. For example, I took the photo used on the following book:


No, This is Not My First Post

Despite the lack of earlier posts, this is not the first blog entry I’ve made. It is however, the first post since I tried to make a relatively minor change in MySQL. Moral of the story, be sure to back up your Word Press site before trying to make any database changes because if it doesn’t work, you can lose everything (like I did). Backup. Backup. Backup. I can’t even begin to think of how much stuff I lost, but I’ve learned my lesson. So here goes, all over again. Hi, my name is Mike and I’m a photographer based in Washington, DC.  I take photos of men for two purposes.  My primary purpose is to provide a pool of handsome male photographs to publishers of romance novels for use on the covers of their books.  The other half of my work is to photograph nude men.  My definite preference is toward suggestive rather than explicit works.  I like to suggest and let the viewer of the photo think, wonder what is hidden in the shadow, or behind the slightly raised leg, or behind the volleyball. I have nothing against penises.  They’re actually a lot of fun, but they don’t have to be front and center in every photograph.  I started doing the more full frontal photos, but over time I’ve evolved to much prefer the suggestive because I think it draws the viewer into the photograph and makes them part of the story.  It makes them think about what they cannot see as opposed to looking for five seconds, thinking ‘all yeah, another penis’, and then moving on.

Several of my photos have been picked up and used on book covers each month.  If you’re looking for a way to get your face in front of a lot of people, then trust me, a book cover does the trick like nothing else can.  Romance novels are hotel commodities because they sell.  There is a huge market for romance stories and the industry churns out hundreds of new books every month. The artists I work with are doing some amazing work with the covers they create.  They are true artists and I am in awe of their work.