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So I’m a couple of days late, but better late than never.  Happy belated Valentine’s Day.  Here’s your rose. I have many more photos of this delightful model. He was fun and frolicsome all rolled into one package.


_18A4684 A R

Met Rafa last year and finally got to work with him.  He’s a natural in front of the camera and did better than 90% of the people who come through the studio doors. He is smart, talented, funny, and able to project a wide range of feelings.  He convincingly can give you bold and brave, and then move into meek and cautious. He portrays playful as skillfully as he does quiet reserve.  He’s preparing to leave the area so I want to work with him one more time before he leaves. He’s too good a talent to miss out on one more shoot.

New Model Day

After working for weeks and weeks and weeks or work to find a date and time that would work for us, today I’m finally going to get to work with a new model. I’ve seen some of his photos from other shoots and I’ve got to stay — total hunk.  I have a couple dozen possible poses for him for book cover work, and then I have a couple dozen other poses for suggestive nude shots.  I know we’ll get the first part done, but I can’t tell about the second part until we get to work today at noon.

Photo Shoot with TJ

Last week I had a wonderful time working with TJ from New York City. He was in town for the day and gave me several hours of his time — and his marvelous smile. He is an actor and knew how to move, how to pose, and how to project a wide range of emotions. It was wonderful.

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Photo Shoots

Over the last few months I have been so fortunate to be able to work with some truly amazing models.  In that time I have captured some amazing images that capture an incredible array of emotions.  I guess a true measure of how I’m doing is that I’ve sold several photos for use on book covers.  There is something absolutely awesome about opening a box and seeing a photo you took grace the cover of a beautiful, printed book. For example, I took the photo used on the following book: