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It is quite rare for a model to walk through the door to the studio and turn out to be an absolutely spectacular find. Sadly it is more often true that you get someone who is stiff, cold, unwilling to do what you need them to do, and just generally a waste of your time and money.  But then you sometimes hit the Jackpot.  That was what happened to me when Aleks walked through my door.

Aleksander Dragov and I connected when I responded to an ad he had placed looking for modeling jobs. Never have I found a man who was as animated, so lively, so imaginative, so expressive, not to mention so gorgeous, as Aleks. We worked together four times and those sessions produced some absolutely phenomenal photos.

Aleks wants to be on a book cover and I have shown his photos widely to encourage a book cover artist to use him.  Look at him. Wouldn’t you be attracted to a book that featured him on the cover? Be honest.

Nineteen years old, body by God, animated, expressive, can assume just about any personality you want.  Aleks is a photographer’s dream come true.

Beautiful Orchid

This is obviously not a guy nor a book cover, but it is one of my favorite orchids.  Each spring I put my orchids outside on the back deck and I basically ignore them all summer long.  If they get wet its because of rain.  In other words, its survival of the fittest.  Each fall just before the first frost I bring them in and typically they have all set flowers and are producing some spectacular flowers starting in November, peaking around Thanksgiving.  That is true again this year, with the following plant being my favorite this year. In addition to being beautiful, I like dendrobiums because once they start to flower they can remain in bloom for up to five months — pretty good for a plant that has a reputation for being very fragile.

Dendrobium orchid
Dendrobium orchid


Had an interesting photo shoot with Luke on Tuesday afternoon.  He is definitely attractive and photographed well.  I’ve never worked with someone who is also a photographer and had strong views on what constituted an acceptable pose.  It took a little while to get accustomed to one another but I think we got some okay shots.

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New Model Day

After working for weeks and weeks and weeks or work to find a date and time that would work for us, today I’m finally going to get to work with a new model. I’ve seen some of his photos from other shoots and I’ve got to stay — total hunk.  I have a couple dozen possible poses for him for book cover work, and then I have a couple dozen other poses for suggestive nude shots.  I know we’ll get the first part done, but I can’t tell about the second part until we get to work today at noon.

Another Day, Another Discovery

Another day and another new discovery about my blogging software.  After trying everything conceivable to make book thumbnails appear as actual thumbnails and not chopped off squares, I think I have finally resolved that issue. Perhaps it would be better if I didn’t stop to calculate how many hours I’ve wrestled with this issue.  Bottom line: its working now!

Photo Shoot with TJ

Last week I had a wonderful time working with TJ from New York City. He was in town for the day and gave me several hours of his time — and his marvelous smile. He is an actor and knew how to move, how to pose, and how to project a wide range of emotions. It was wonderful.

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