A Typical Photoshoot

There is no such thing as a typical photo shoot.  Every photo shoot I’ve ever done has been a little different simply because each model is different.

We always start by spending a few minutes talking to learn a little about one another. I will describe what we are after and perhaps show you some examples of the look we need. Some guys are naturals and can give looks/emotions like you wouldn’t believe, but others need coaching.  But you’re in luck because I’m good at that.

There is a Model Release form that we review and you sign so that the photos may be used if a publisher is interested. Also, I need to verify your age by means of a photo ID (e.g., drivers license, passport).  This last part is a federal requirement, but the information goes straight into my files and no one sees it but me.

We shoot for about 90 minutes, typically going through a couple of changes of clothes.  I have a boatload of props that I’ve acquired over the years to give the impression of being in different settings. Somedays we need a doctor so out comes the hospital scrubs, the stethoscope, and the white lab coat.  Other days a publisher is after a cowboy so out come the cowboy hats.  You get the idea.

A typical first shoot lasts about two hours just because by then everyone is tired and needs a break.  You pack up, I pay you, and we are done.  Not bad, huh?

If you are interested, a second follow-up photo shoot is sometimes useful.  At that shoot we are both more relaxed because we know one another by then and are more comfortable working together. I’ll know how much instruction you need, and you’ll know how I work.

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