A large publisher of gay male romance novels has asked me to provide them with a series of photos showing male couples.  They don’t want anything pornographic, obviously, since these are book covers.  What they want are just photos showing the couple being a couple.  So that means holding hands, reclining together to watch TV or read a book, snuggling in bed together, staring into one another’s eyes, and you can fill in just about anything that could be done in public. So, I need male couples to contact me to set up a photo shoot.  If interested, e-mail me at Mike@bookcoverphotographer dot com (don’t just copy this – you’ll need to replace the word “dot” with an actual period).  I’ve never actually photographed a male couple so this will be a learning experience.  Below is a photo a friend of mine took as an example.


B18A7010 OK R

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